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Pinterest Marketing Software

In an instant, you can easily share and post new pins to your account as well as follow and unfollow users on the website. Also, like and unlike pins automatically as well as adding your own comments. Simple, effective, and extremely powerful at what it can do. Boost your Pinterest presence in an instant.

  • Manage unlimited Pinterest accounts.
  • Both follow and unfollow Pinterest users.
  • Like and unlike pins.
  • Automatically comment on pins.
  • Repin and share pins.
  • Scrape Pinterest accounts.
  • Create Boards.
  • Check Accounts
  • Create Accounts
  • Much, much more.

Our Pinterest Bot Features

Run Unlimited Accounts

Run unlimited Pinterest accounts from the one dashboard thanks to the SociBlaster bot. Simply check, edit, and delete accounts as and when required and all at the click of a button no matter how many accounts you are currently managing.

Follow & Unfollow

Automatically follow and unfollow users including additionally following their links as well. Automatically follow back those users that have added you to their list as well as those individuals that either liked or commented on your pins. Unfollow those that have not followed back complete with daily limits.

Like & Unlike Pins

Automate the process of liking and unliking pins. Like those pins shared by users and followers as well as unlike them at a later date. Create unlike daily limits for pins and delay it to make sure that your Pinterest accounts appear to be as natural as possible.

Sharing Pins

Make your Pinterest profiles appear active by automating the sharing of pins. Boost the popularity of your profile by sharing and posting photos from your computer direct to your account. Also, schedule how they will be shared and all from the easy to use dashboard.

Comment on Pins

Automate your comments on your own pins as well as automate comments on other pins for each of your accounts on Pinterest. Also, you can automate comments on pins linked to other users.


Automate the process of re-pinning photos. Also, repin those posts from other users to increase your own popularity on Pinterest.


Scrape users automatically on Pinterest according to keywords, hashtags and who a user is following or is being followed by. Also, the scraper will scrape pins automatically for all of your accounts at the same time.

Send Direct Messages

Send messages directly to your followers thanking them for following you and do so automatically. Set it up once with the message you want, and then never worry about it ever again. It really is as simple as that.


I can quickly and easily add new pins to my boards without stressing out thanks to your bot. It is a time saver as well as a great way to boost my presence.

Deeksha B

If you have been looking for something to help you with Pinterest, then you have found your answer. I run a number of accounts via the bot and have no problem in keeping them up to date. Simple to use, and it has never let me down no matter the tasks I set it to do.


I have a number of different boards, so automating the uploading of new pins from my computer is a huge help. Now, I can focus on getting the content and then just allow the bot to do the rest on my behalf. At that point, I can just relax and watch it do it’s thing. Great work guys!


My days of being confused over which pins I should like, then unlike or share are over. I’m a newbie to bots, but this is so straightforward to use that even someone who has never used something like this before will have no problems.


Over 1000 Customers are already using SociBlaster Bots!

Pinterest Marketing Software

Q. Do you have a refund policy?

A. Yes we do. Should you be unhappy with the bot, or run into problems within the first 14 days, then we would be happy to offer you a full refund..

Q. Do you have any tutorials to help me out?

A. Yes, our tutorials will take you through the Pinterest bot showing all of its features and how to get the most out of it. After checking them out, we know you will be able to get the maximum out of both the bot and Pinterest..

Q. Is it going to work on my computer?

A. Our bots are designed to run on every version of Windows from XP to Windows 10. If you are on a Mac, then you need a Windows VPS. Also, there is a need Parallels in order to run our bots.

Q. Will my Pinterest accounts be banned?

A. Our bots have been developed with the TOS of Pinterest in mind. As long as you do not do anything that falls outside of those TOS, then all of your accounts will be untouched.