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Tumblr Marketing Software

Our Tumblr bot makes using the website and building your account so much easier. Simply follow both users and blogs via our bot. Share various pieces of content including photos, comments and quotes. Add links, both like and unlike blogs automatically, and so much more.

  • Run an unlimited number of Tumblr accounts.
  • Follow & Unfollow multiple users.
  • Submit posts to all of your accounts.
  • Like & Unlike multiple blogs.
  • Create Accounts.
  • Check Accounts.
  • Scrape Tumblr
  • Much, much more.

Key Features of our Tumblr Bot

Run Unlimited Accounts

Easily manage thousands of Tumblr accounts at the one time via our SociBlaster tumblr bot. Check them, edit them, run them, remove them, and all from the one dashboard.

Follow & Unfollow Users.

Make both following and unfollowing users so much easier via our bot. Automatically follow those individuals that have liked or followed your blogs or accounts. Also, the bot allows you to automatically unfollow those individuals that have not followed you back and it comes complete with daily limits.

Post Submitter

Make sure your blogs are active constantly via our post submitter. Our Tumblr bot allows you to post new content to all of your blogs, and all from the one screen making it easier for you to control your content.

Like & Unlike Blogs

Like and unlike blogs automatically via our SociBlaster bot. Schedule the likes and unlikes to suit your needs and also limit the number of unlikes per day all from the one dashboard. Keep your likes and unlikes alive.

Account Creator

Create an unlimited number of Tumblr accounts via the bot. This can all be done automatically including auto-verification of your email after the accounts have been created. Also, you can automatically edit your profile as well as your avatar along with much more.

Scrape Tumblr

Scrape Tumblr according to a list of usernames, keywords, hashtags, and also a list of individuals that have liked any of your blog posts across all of your different accounts. You can then run other aspects of our bot to increase your followers.


I would find Tumblr quite time consuming with all of the liking and following that I felt I had to do in order to grow my presence. However, thanks to the SociBlaster bot, I can simply set it up and let it do its own thing. It saves me a lot of time and my followers have increased more than I could ever imagine.


Tumblr is now one of the main ways in which I market online and I can honestly say that it is all thanks to the difference that this bot has made to my campaigns. Easy to use, easy to set everything up, and easy to see the improvement it has made.


For a technophobe such as myself, the fact that the bot can be run by anybody makes life so much easier. I loved the tutorials as they broke everything down into something that was easy to follow. You guys rock!


If I could give this bot 5 stars, then it would still not be close to accurately describe just how good this is. Even if you are new to Tumblr or the world of bots, this would be a seriously cool introduction.

Joe Ray

Over 1000 Customers are already using SociBlaster Bots!

Tumblr Marketing Software

Q. Is there a refund policy?

A. Our refund policy is easy to understand. If you are unhappy with out Tumblr bot for any reason within the first 14 days, then get in touch and we will be happy to provide you with a full refund, no questions asked.

Q. Are there any tutorials to help me to understand the bot?

A. We do have a number of easy to follow tutorials that will just make things so much easier for anybody that is new to this kind of software. Not only will it explain everything, but you will be shown step by step how to get the most out of the software.

Q. Will it work on my computer?

A. Our bots are all designed to run on any Windows computer from XP all the way to Windows 10. They will also work on a Windows VPS for those people on a Mac. However, you do need to run Parallels to get the bot to work.

Q. Will I be banned from Tumblr for using your SociBlaster bot?

A. As long as you follow the TOS of Tumblr, then there will be no issues with using our software with your accounts. We have specifically designed the bot to correspond with the rules and regulations as set out by Tumblr, so if you stay within those lines, you will be fine.