The Best Twitter Marketing Software Ever!

Twitter Marketing Software

Automate each and every Twitter feature thanks to our SociBlaster Twitter bot. Simple to use and reliable software that makes running your Twitter accounts easier than ever before.

  • Manage and run an unlimited number of Twitter accounts.
  • Follow and unfollow users.
  • Post Tweets automatically including re-Tweets.
  • Generate replies and mentions automatically.
  • Favorite and Unfavorite Tweets.
  • Scrape Tweets.
  • Send messages directly to your followers
  • Check stats on all of your accounts.
  • Much, much more.

Check Out the Main Twitter Bot Features

Run Unlimited Accounts

Easily manage thousands of Twitter accounts at the same time via our simple bot. Check each and every account, edit them, and delete accounts whenever you want, and all done automatically.

Follow & Unfollow

Automate the follow and unfollow process to save you the hassle. Also, follow lists of people connected to your own followers. Add people via keywords and hashtag searches as well as unfollow people that don’t follow back. All of this is done automatically including daily limits.

Post Tweets & ReTweets

Easily post your Tweets automatically including from RSS feeds and URL’s. You can easily automate the retweeting process including those that have come from a specific location connected to your marketing plan.

Auto Reply to Tweets

The SociBlaster Twitter bot will auto reply to Tweets on your behalf. It will also allow you to reply to Tweets from specific users or specific locations to save you the trouble of having to keep up to date on what is happening.

Scrape Tweets

Scrape Tweets according to users, keywords, or hashtags and completely automate the process. Build lists of individuals then scrape according to location as part of your marketing approach.

Send Direct Messages

Easily send messages direct to your followers with any message you want. Send via any account connected to the bot to help keep your followers up to date with what is going on. Schedule the messages to go out automatically including when you get a new follower.


I have tried several Twitter bots, but this one from SociBlaster is the easiest interface to use by far. It has saved me juggling my accounts as I can just set it up, let it run, and then get on with other things.

Terry Kilcrease

My Twitter campaigns and accounts were failing until I started to use this bot. Now, they are flying as I’m getting the kinds of followers that I have always wanted.

Andrew John Cocks

If you want to have accounts and Twitter profiles that are looking busy, then this is the software for you to use. It takes minutes to set it up, and then it does everything all on its own. A wonderful bot that will deliver more than you expect.

Simon Longster

Simple to set it up. Simple to take advantage of its features. It’s something that my marketing and Twitter campaigns can no longer do without.

Shan Goshal

Over 1000 Customers are already using SociBlaster Bots

Twitter Marketing Software

Q. Do you have a refund policy?

A. Yes. Our refund policy is easy to follow. If you are unhappy with the bot, then simply send us a message within 14 days of purchase and we will send you a full refund.

Q. Are there any tutorials to help me understand the bot?

A. Yes, we have a number of tutorials that will explain how the bot works and take you through each part of the process. You will see how easy it is to operate the software and then get the absolute maximum out of it in an instant.

Q. Will it work on my computer?

A. Yes, our bots are designed to work on any Windows computer from XP to Windows 10. If you have a Mac, then you need to use a Windows VPS for the bot to operate. Also, you must run Parallels to make sure things run without any problems.

Q. Will my Twitter account get banned?

A. No, our Twitter bot has been designed to meet the conditions as set out by the TOS of Twitter. As long as you follow the rules and regulations as set out by Twitter themselves, then there will be no issue of your account being banned at any point.